This week was intense and I mean really intense. I pulled a few old research papers out to help plan enemy AI. Full disclosure, I am not an expert when it comes to AI, but I know what good AI should look like. Don’t get me wrong I have done some AI, but those were… Read More

I am sitting here trying to think about how I want to start this feed. I guess I’ll start with what I did this week. This was an interesting week. I had my mother and nephew visiting from Florida. Much development was on pause. While they were here I decided to see what they thought… Read More

This week went by super fast or perhaps it appears that way. I got a lot of mechanics tested and working along with the player art. Some further tweaking and I can move on to world building. Here’s a snapshot of what was done this week: Player Art Focus (Week 2): –  Player Sprite Atlas… Read More

I guess I am making a new game. An actual game this time and not any of those experimental stuff I have done in the past. This is my first PC game that I plan on releasing to the public when finished. Those of you who know me well knows that I love couch games or… Read More