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Bluetooth Low Energy Technology

Posted on Mar 16 by

            Bluetooth LE It’s been a while since I have posted much of anything. An old friend of mine once said “This is the sound of...


BANDOLERO | LeapMotion

Posted on Apr 2 by

Pixel Interaction Studios is hard at work on Bandolero, a new game being built from the ground to take advantage of the new cutting edge LeapMotion hardware.


Monstar Driver (Android)

Posted on Feb 17 by

So…. had a bit of fun today. Took a quick break from designing Monstar Driver for Android devices. We didn’t get much snow. Maybe about 2 inches, but it was enough...


Munch’d | Samsung Galaxy II Tablet

Posted on Feb 5 by

Munch’d, packing a BIG bite on the Android platform. Finally got to play Munch’d on an Android capable device. Still, we have some minor issues to work out before...