The defeat of my team the Carolina Panthers has left me saddened and a little under-motivated at the moment. Great job to the Denver Broncos for all the Broncos fans out there reading this blog post. The extent of my wisdom in football (American Football) is limited, but I respect the game. Much like I… Read More

Pulling on my formative years of doing Motion Graphic work in Flash. I need an alternative transition effect for when we introduce a new enemy wave. I wanted something with a little more excitement. Not present in this animation test, the enemy unit players will face will appear in the center of the gear. Check… Read More

Everything that can kill you can also be destroyed with the exception of the energy beam that is on the perimeter of each stage. … Read More

Vikta5 Hyper Waves is shaping up quite nicely for my first PC game. It feels good and the challenges are felt. I am switching focus from coding and level design to getting our star player in place and getting rid of Otta, my trusty test guy. In addition to sharing some materials with the public… Read More

Make it rain debris and take in the awe as you slow time to aim for that perfect double or triple kill shot Hyper Wave is a radical top-down shooter where you try to outlast waves upon waves of insanely difficult maniacal robot swarms trying to murder you for parts. You are armed to the… Read More