Vikta5 Hyper Waves is shaping up quite nicely for my first PC game. It feels good and the challenges are felt. I am switching focus from coding and level design to getting our star player in place and getting rid of Otta, my trusty test guy. In addition to sharing some materials with the public… Read More

Make it rain debris and take in the awe as you slow time to aim for that perfect double or triple kill shot Hyper Wave is a radical top-down shooter where you try to outlast waves upon waves of insanely difficult maniacal robot swarms trying to murder you for parts. You are armed to the… Read More

Unity’s ParticleSystem collisions are awesome… I am waiting patiently for some sweet Goro Fujita’esq art to come through. In the mean time, I started a little “Bullet Hell” project that is going pretty sweet and rather quickly. My 5 year old loves and hates it. She says it’s fun, but too hard. I can’t wait… Read More

Steamrolling over the player avatar has some very pixelicous consequences. Actually anything in its path really. Should add some interesting gameplay. The Pixelator… Read More

This will be brief as I am about to go and down some Vodka in celebration. This is the 3rd rebuilding of my Top-Down Camera system. They say, 3rd time is a charm… it would be that seem to be the case. I am doing the jig right now… tomorrow we make sure that bad boy works… Read More

If I am going to finish this game in the foreseeable future, I have some recruiting to do. One of the things I wanted to do is to tell the story of the game with a comic series.… Read More

Finding fun I realized I was heading down a familiar path and it had a lot to do with what I was playing at the time… I spent quite some time observing my kids play Minecraft and I even played a couple survival games myself. I am lacking the skills, I believe Kendall, my 11 year old… Read More