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Hyperbot is an action-packed 3D, top-down shoot 'em up arcade game with intuitive controls and classic gameplay. You control a customizable robot through waves of microbots programmed to search and destroy. You are constantly on the move and each time you clear a wave, new robots are spawned that are even more menacing in their attacks and speed. As your enemies advance in complexity, speed and toughness, you will need new strategies to defeat the waves. Stay alive as long as possible, and add your high scores to the ranks of players around the world!



The first version of Hyperbot began on September 1, 2015, and was dubbed "Hyperwaves", but we discovered another game had a similar title so we brainstormed a few more names, one of which we kept for another potential arcade shooter. The team, including my family and a few friends, landed on Hyperbot. I knew the name had to stay true to what the game was about and maintain that high energy feeling.

The world of Hyperbot was originally a procedurally generated world. While this offered many permutations of the game world with on the "fly" level generation, it felt generic, and at times, chaotic. I decided I had to gut the entire design and rebuild it from the ground up. The maps were meticulously laid out in Photoshop and slowly brought into Unity3d. Every single game object in the world was hand-placed, positioned, tweaked and coded. This gave the game a minimalist, retro, arcade shooter kind of feeling. Development seized for a bit on Hyperbot in Summer 2016 as I began working on a VR project for the Oculus Rift and Google DayDream. With all the media attention on VR, I thought I should put my DK2 to some good use. Working on the VR projects took my mind away from the development process and gave me a renewed perspective.

In August 2016, the game design aesthetics changed into what you see today - a more crafted and balanced aesthetic compared to the earlier computer generated build. I included some references from some of my favorite classic arcade games. As an 80's kid, loved the games I played growing up. I wanted that retro feeling, but I also wanted Hyperbot to feel relevant for the young players of today. Twitch seemed like a good fit. Players streaming the game could opt to include the audience, who could send commands from Twitch chat and fundamentally change the gameplay. Hyperbot was inspired by games like Commando released in 1985 and Smash TV released in 1990. With their analog feel, minimalist AI, and good ole shoot 'em up gun play. I am happy to bring Hyperbot, to both PC and MAC.


• Explore 5 distinct maps, each with 35 levels of fast action gameplay for a total of 140 levels
• Each level features unique challenges in addition to the waves of hardwired killer bots
• Activate "Twitch Plays" when streaming on Twitch to further engage your audience in playing with or against you. They have the power to give "helper items" or cause you more pain
• Choose and upgrade your abilities with pickups dropped on the map or from your Twitch viewers
• Balance between tense, fast-action combat or slowing time just enough to line up those perfect shots
• Simple and intuitive controls make the game easy to pick up and play


Gameplay Footage (No Commentary) YouTube

Character Customization YouTube

Gameplay Footage (No Commentary) YouTube

Gameplay Footage (No Commentary) YouTube

Gameplay Footage (No Commentary) YouTube



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    Team & Ongoing Collaborators

    Andre Jones
    Developer, Designer

    Tamisha Jones

    Amaya Jones
    Gameplay Tester

    Kendall Jones
    Gameplay Tester

    Lauryn Jones
    Gameplay Tester

    Matthew Tang
    Gameplay Tester

    Tyler Hall
    Gameplay Tester

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